Crop Diseases Research Institute



Farm Advisory and Plant disease Diagnosis Service: Although, plant disease diagnosis has been done at the Institute for many years however regular diagnostic and advisory services were started in 1988. Since then, 300 – 400  samples are analyzed and recommendations are being made every year. The Institute has so far recorded more than 40 fungal, 20 bacterial and 15 nematode diseases for the first time from Pakistan.


Type Culture Collection Service: This service was started in 1989. Up till now sixty five pathogenic cultures of diseases of economic crop plants have been preserved.


Trap and Disease screening nurseries: The Institute provides disease inoculum to provincial and federal breeders for their screening programmes. As part of its programme, the Institute prepares and plants a National Wheat Diseases Screening Nursery (NWDSN) at 14 key locations in the country. The NWDSN comprises 300 to 400 entries, including widely grown commercial varieties and advanced lines from national breeders. The nurseries planted at these locations are being artificially inoculated to have disease pressure on the breeding materials. This nursery helps to identify new sources of resistance to the prevalent and new races of rusts and to evaluate breeding materials for their disease reaction. CDRI also prepares and distributed the Wheat Rust Trap Nursery (WRTN) each year. This nursery includes commercial varieties and is used to monitor and trap the natural virulence of each race of rust prevalent in the country.


National Uniform Yield Trials

Data from these trials are vital for the National Wheat Breeding Programme and National Variety Release System. Diseases Reactions of NUYT are used by the Variety Evaluation Committee for releasing candidate lines as commercial varieties.