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Crop Diseases Research Institute


§         Monitoring patterns of Physiological races and virulence of pathogens causing stem, leaf and stripe rusts in wheat.

§         Genetic analysis of available germplasm/ commercial varieties to stem, leaf and stripe rusts, Spot Blotch and powdery mildew for ascertaining the level of genetic diversity present in the material for resistance to wheat diseases.

§         Identification of sources of resistance to stem, leaf and stripe rust, powdery mildew, karnal bunt of wheat and BYDV/CYDV; diseases of rice and maize from diverse international sources and local breeder’s material.

§         Studies on biology and management of major diseases of maize, rice, potato, chillies and citrus.

§         Surveys and distributional patterns of major disease of cereals, vegetables and fruits for different ecological zones of Pakistan

§         Research and development of bio-control agents and natural products of plant origin for the management of diseases and their insect vectors.

§         Development of facilities and expertise in molecular biology for investigation of genomic diversity among pathogens.

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