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Crop Diseases Research Institute


Patterns of Physiological races and virulences of pathogens causing stem, leaf and stripe rusts in wheat have been studied and are continuously monitored for new virulences. This guides in setting the breeding strategies of the Country's Wheat Improvement Programme.

Genetic analysis of available germplasm/commercial varieties to stem, leaf and stripe rusts for ascertaining the level of genetic diversity present in the material for resistance to wheat rust has been accomplished. This guides in the country wide gene-deployment programme for rust resistance.

Identification of sources of resistance to stem, leaf and stripe rust, powdery mildew and Karnal bunt of wheat, rice diseases, maize diseases, from diverse international sources and local breeder's material is conducted regularly from which plant breeders of the country benefit leading to development of disease resistance varieties.


Studies on biology and management of Major diseases of economic crop plants have been undertaken including stalk rot of maize, charcoal rot of sunflower, powdery scab, late blight and cyst nematode of potato, Bakanae disease of rice, bacterial canker in citrus, bacterial wilt in solanaceous crops, crown gall disease on stone fruits, leaf curl virus in cotton and chillies, and bunchy top virus in banana.


Based on extensive surveys, distributional patterns of cereal rusts, seed-borne diseases of cereals and vegetables, sunflower diseases, potato diseases, bacterial wilt of solanaceoous crops, citrus canker, crown gall disease of stone fruits, chillies viruses and banana bunchy top virus, have been developed for different agro-ecological areas of Pakistan.


Studies have been undertaken for the development of bio-control agents and natural products of plant origin for the management of diseases and vectors of plant pathogens including crown gall, citrus canker, late blight of potato, crown rot of peanuts, whitefly and aphids. These bio control agents and products have completed laboratory tests and are being taken up for green house and field studies and development of application methodologies.

The Institute has so far recorded and reported a large number of new fungal, bacterial, nematode and viral diseases.


Human Resource Development:

Post-graduate Research: Thirty M.Sc. 12 M.Phil., and 10 Ph.D. students have completed thesis research, and 4 M.Sc., and 5 Ph.D. students are currently conducting research at the Institute. The Institute is now conducting the M.Phil and Ph.D. degree progam on regular basis with affiliation of Quaid-i-Azam University.

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