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Benefits and Analysis


The project will train, male & female members of the communities in Kitchen Gardening by providing technical & material support. This will help to save handsome amount of money spent on buying vegetable from the market by the poor and salary class people.


The trained manpower will get employment or generate income by growing vegetables / raising seedlings in their houses and fulfill the household requirement besides selling in the market.


The execution of current proposal may result in developing technology packages, which may likely boost the production of vegetable and the economic condition of the urban and peri-urban communities. The proposal has also an in-built provision for the transfer of technologies to the stakeholders. Trainings / workshops and meetings are expected to bring a significant change in the competence of farming communities of the area.


Skilled manpower will increase the chances of employment / income generation for 20,000 households.


There will be no hazards & pollution in the environment due to this project. But this project will help to save the environment by decreasing /controlling the use of chemicals.


  • Healthy vegetable seedlings at low cost.
  • Kitchen gardener’s clubs.
  • Training of households to create awareness.
  • Trained manpower will accelerate the horticultural crops activities in urban and peri-urban areas of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.


  • The program expects to have an impact on the nutritional status and household and or individual incomes for people involved in urban agriculture.
  • Availability of healthy vegetable seedlings will enhance fresh vegetable produce and quality.
  • The project will impact positively on the health of individuals, communities and the physical and natural environments of urban and peri-urban areas through technical outputs, advocacy and policy development.
  • The project will also promote gender and empower the women with livelihood skills.


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