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PARC Arid Zone Research Institute, Umerkot


Botanical Gardenhas been established at AZRI farm for demonstration of visitors and seed collection and multiplication.

Evaluation and screening of various grasses for their bio-mass production and adoptability in Thar Desert.

Developing different arid and arid horticultural plants under “Marvi” nursery shed.

Collecting native range species i.e multipurpose trees, shrubs and grasses, from different arid zone areas of Pakistan and grown at AZRI farm. Seed of these species are available for farmers.

The multiplied seed of range species have been preserved at gene bank of PGRI, NARC, Islamabad for further use when and where needed.

About 16 tree species of desert flora are maintained under Silvicultureprogramm.

About 24 range grasses are maintained for biomass production.

About 41 medicinal plants species are maintained at AZRI farm.

Sand dune stabilization program through range plants.



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