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PARC Website

Developed and maintaining PARC Website ( Website that was formally inaugurated in August 2000 is one of the largest on agricultural R&D in Pakistan with more than 600 pages and six on-line databases. Website is being maintained and updated regularly. It contains detailed information about Pakistan’s agricultural research in general and PARC in particular.Urdu Section has also been incorporated on the website containing material for farmers.Website which is designed under PHP technology with Content Management System (CMS) - Joomla is dynamic, interactive and user’s friendly. It is also meeting ISO/IEC 270001 security standards.

NARC Library

Library was established in 1984 and regularly updated with latest material. It was designated as National Library of Agricultural Sciences in 2003 by HEC.Library catalogue, cardex and circulation systems were computerized. Library holdings include about 27,200 books/documents and 8960 issues of 1,033 journals.  It is providing routine library services to its users in addition to access of its catalogue database on internet and facilities of on-line searching of national and international databases. Library is not only used by PARC/NARC scientists and PIASA students but scientific community through out Pakistan is also benefiting from its services.

PakistanAgriculture Database 

To maintain record and improve access to literature published in Pakistan or else where in the world about Pakistan’s agriculture research and development. Pakistan Agriculture Database was developed in the year 1997 containing bibliographic information along with abstracts of articles/documents published in Pakistan or abroad about Pakistan’s agriculture or by Pakistani scientists. It is continuously updated with new publication’s information. Each publication is properly catalogued, indexed, classified, abstracted and allotted keywords using FAO AGRIS database rules for its quick retrieval. Presently Database contains 83500(+) records with its access on Internet. It is helping scientific community in review of literature on research being conducted in Pakistan or about Pakistan’s agriculture.

Union Database of Journals in Agricultural Libraries of Pakistan

To facilitate scientific community for getting benefit from resources of journals and magazines available in different agricultural libraries of Pakistan Union database of Journals in Agricultural Libraries was developed in 1990 in FoxPro. Initially, few libraries were participating but with continuous efforts over the years now 36 libraries mostly in the field of agriculture are contributing to this cooperative activity by including the information of their journals/magazines holdings in the database. In the year 2002, web-based software with facility of decentralized input by participating Libraries via internet was developed and access of the database was given on Internet at PARC website. Database contains information of about 3031 journal/magazine titles with available volumes and issues in 36 libraries of Pakistan mostly in the field of agriculture and allied subjects.

Input to AGRIS Database of FAO

The International Information System for the Agricultural Sciences and Technology (AGRIS) is a global public domain database with approximately three million structured bibliographical records on agricultural science and technology, Database created by FAO is a collaborative activity in which participating countries input references to the literature produced within their boundaries for AGRIS database. The Directorate of Scientific Information is working as National Liaison Office for AGRIS in Pakistan and regularly submitting input of Pakistani agricultural research and development literature according to their specified format. More than 35000 records of Pakistani articles and documents were contributed to AGRIS database till now.

On-Line Access of Full-Text PARC Publications

An agreement was signed with CAB International (CABI), Wallingford, UK to include PARC publications on-line with CABI full-text products “Global Agricultural Research Archive”. 810 full-text PARC publications and articles published in “Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Research” are available on-line

On-Line Access of CABI Information Products

During the year 2012-2013PARC being the member of CABI Executive Council, UK got one free IP access for one simultaneous user to CABI Information Products. Same was configured on PARC Local Area network and on-line access is given to all PARC/NARC network users.

On-line Access of HEC Subscribed Journals and Books

Facilitieswere developed for NARC scientists and PIASA students for searching of HEC subscribed on-line journals and books through PARC Local Area Network.

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