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Scientific Information


PARC Website (
It is one of the largest on agricultural R&D in Pakistan with more than 500 pages and 5 on-line databases. Website is constantly modified and updated by uploading new information in the form of web pages. Regular redesigning of index and content pages is made for addition of new information and making it more useful and attractive for visitors. Announcements, jobs, tenders and news/events information are uploaded on daily basis. E-mail queries, both national and international are responded regularly besides maintenance of PARC Agro-forum.


NARC Library
Library is working as National Library of Agricultural Sciences in Pakistan. It is fully automated with computerized catalogue, cardex (journals) and circulation system Library is regularly updated with latest material in the field of agriculture and allied subjects. In addition to purchase/subscription, NARC library is also receiving journals and documents from local and international organizations through exchange and courtesy basis. During the year 2009 Library subscribed 30 international journals/magazines and purchased 83 books. 245 documents and 74 Pakistani and 20 international journals received on exchange/courtesy basis.

It is declared as depository library for FAO publications. The services include: computerized database searching, bibliographic references, internet, e-mail, fresh arrival circulation, consultation and advice, exchange of publications with national/international institutions, etc. Library is not only used by PARC/NARC scientists and students of National University of Agricultural Sciences but scientific community through out Pakistan is also benefiting from its services.


Pakistan Agriculture Database
To maintain record of Pakistani agricultural research and development literature Directorate of Scientific Information is maintaining containing bibliographic information along with abstracts of articles/documents published in Pakistan or abroad about Pakistan’s agriculture or by Pakistani scientists. Scope of database is published literature in the field of agriculture including plant production and protection, animal production and veterinary sciences, fisheries, aquaculture, forestry, food and feed sciences, rural development and agricultural economics, etc. Database which presently contains 67500(+) records is regularly updated. Each article/document is properly catalogued, indexed, classified, abstracted and allotted keywords using international standard of FAO AGRIS database before entering in the database for its easy retrieval. Apart from conventional literature, i.e., serial articles, books, documents, monographs, etc. information of non-conventional literature, i.e., thesis, reports, proceedings, project documents, etc is also included. Annually more than 3500 new records are added in the database. Access of the database is available on Internet under PARC website.

Union Database of Journals in Agricultural Libraries of Pakistan
Based on the concept of resource sharing and networking of Pakistani agricultural "Union Database of Journals in Agricultural Libraries of Pakistan" was developed in the year 1990 with the development of software under FoxPro. Initially, few libraries were participating in this cooperative activity. With continuous efforts over the years now it has become a comprehensive product containing information of about 3000 journal/magazine titles with available volumes and issues in 36 libraries of Pakistan mostly in the field of agriculture and allied subjects. In the year 2002, web-based software was developed and access of the database is given on Internet at PARC website. The new software has the facility for decentralized input and updating of information by participating libraries from their diversified geographical locations through Internet. Database is maintained and continuously updated by entering new journals/magazines titles and NARC Library new arrivals besides its updation by participating libraries. Data of those libraries is also entered/updated by DSI which do not have internet facility.


Input to AGRIS Database of FAO
AGRIS is the International Information System for the Agricultural Sciences and Technology created by the FAO in 1975 which aims to build a common and freely accessible information system for science and technology in agriculture and related subjects. More than 240 national, international and inter-governmental centres are participating by sending input references of the literature produced within their boundaries for their open access database. The Directorate of Scientific Information is working as Liaison Office for AGRIS in Pakistan since 1984 and regularly submitting input of agricultural research and development literature according to their specified format. Latest Pakistani published literature on agriculture research and development is collected, computerized input prepared according to AGRIS cataloging, indexing, abstracting and classification rules, data converted in to AGRIS xml format and submitted to AGRIS Processing Unit, Rome for their main database. Input of about 1300 (+) new records is annually sent to AGRIS database.

On-line Searching of Journals & Internet/e-mail Facilities

To facilitate PARC/NARC scientists and NUAS students in searching required article/document, browsing of websites, and use of e-mail for their research work, Directorate is maintaining 24 nodes Local Area Network (LAN) and providing services for online searching of journals including those subscribed by HEC, use of internet/e-mail facilities, etc.

Bibliographic Service
Directorate is regularly subscribing CAB abstracts and receiving FAO AGRIS database on CDs. Bibliographies are prepared from available international databases and DSI in-house developed Pakistan Agriculture Database. In response to requests received throughout Pakistan for review of literature on specific topics databases are searched and references/abstracts are downloaded and supplied in the form of printout, on diskettes, CDs, flash drives and via e-mail, etc. 757 requests for literature search were entertained and 50737 abstracts/references supplied during the year 2009-2010.

Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Research

The journal was originally started as Agriculture Pakistan in 1949. Its name was changed to Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Research in 1979. Since year 2000, it is being published with present size and typography. It is an HEC recognized journal and is being indexed in AGRIS of FAO; CAB Abstracts; Pakistan Sciences Abstract of PASTIC. The Journal is also available on Factiva and EBSCO – affiliated international databases through Asianet – Pakistan.


To help scientist in presentation of their research results through photographs and facilitation in events coverage, Directorate is providing photographic facilities to the scientists and managers of PARC/NARC and its establishments for their field/lab experiments and important events. About 4,000 photographs are prepared annually. Facilities were developed for digital preservation of important photographs by developing photo-data bank (database) and images of about 600 photographs are available in the database which is regularly updated.




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