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PARC Agrotech Company (Pvt) Ltd





Consultancy services of experts are available to all in the following areas:



  • Establishment of feed mill for mass production of livestock and fish feed;

  • Economical calf rearing;

  • Feedlot fattening of livestock;

  • Hay silage preparation technique;

  • Urea treatments of straws;

  • Establishment of semen production unit;

  • Artificial insemination (A.I) services;

  • Establishment of nucleus herd of dairy/beef animals and candidate bull-calves production;

  • Sheep and goats farming, and

  • Mechanical wool shearing.


  • Artificial fish breeding;

  • Reservoir fisheries management;

  • Hatchery management; and

  • Catfish culture

Natural Resources

  • Techniques for improving productivity of saline/waterlogged areas;

  • Introduction and development of shelter belt in Thal area;

  • Sloping agricultural land technologies (SALT); and

  • Ranching models for different ecological zones.


  • Biological control and management of fruit flies in fruit orchards;

  • Management of stored grain pests;

  • Vertebrate pest management (rats, porcupine, wild boar);

  • Disease diagnostic and advisory services;

  • Identification of weeds and management;

  • Integrated pest management techniques for the control of plant pests and diseases including stored grain and other agricultural products; and

  • Training of farmers/stakeholders for preparation of botanical pesticides and their use.

Social Sciences

  • Baseline surveys;

  • Feasibility analysis of crops, livestock, forestry and fisheries;

  • Profitability analysis;

  • Diagnostic studies;

  • Evaluation and impact analysis;

  • Agricultural marketing systems analysis

  • Survey and data collection

  • Project planning/development

  • Statistical Services


Following analytical and testing services are available:

  • Honey Quality testing ;

  • Milk, animal feed and wool testing;

  • Evaluation of dairy products;

  • Breeding bull selection;

  • Soil and water testing for fish farming;

  • Diagnostics and surveillance of major food animal diseases;

  • Grain physical quality characteristics;

  • Cereal chemistry and cooking quality;

  • Food microbiology;

  • Cereal pest and diseases;

  • Environmental and food safety test such as pesticide residue, mycotoxins, aflatoxin analysis;

  • Soil analysis;

  • Water analysis; and

  • Farm machinery testing and certification.

C. PATCO Bio Remediation Service Unit
Under the authority of PARC (Pakistan Agricultural Research Council) “NIB” National Institute of Bio Remediation was established in “2008” to establish Bio-Remediation Facility and Carry on further Use to Review Viability of Technology. After ensuring Quality in 4 Years, PARC Management established Bio Remediation Service Unit (BSU) under the Control of PATCO (Pvt) limited in 2012.

The Purpose is to provide;

  • Consultancy

  • Partnership Awareness

  • Joint Project

  • Quality Assurance

  • Standardization & Certification

The Introduction of ISFS (Integrated Sanitation & Farming system) technology by PARC in its research center went through various research and development testing process internally and externally for assisting its technical and economical sustainability. To enhance the use of micro-organisms to remove pollutants NIB’s (National Institute of Bio Remediation) Objective is to;

  • Reclaim waste water in cost effective way which is viable for Pakistani socio-Economic and natural Environment Condition

  • People/Communities facing the problem of waste water, BSU Provide services which includes Services at;

  •         House Holds,
  •         Villages
  •         Municipalities
  •         Housing Schemes
  •         Focus Industries
  •  Provide information to its Valued Clients through Bio-Remediation Service Forum, which encourages;
  •         Professional
  •         Development Agencies
  •         Other Relevant Organizations to join and participate in waste-water Management

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