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Research Thrusts


      Productivity Improvment

  • Genetic improvement of crops and animals, especially using biotechnology and molecular genetics

  • Epidemiology, diagnosis and control of infections and pests of crops and animals

  • Develop and improve of farm machinery for planting, harvesting, processing, value addition and livestock operations

      High Value Agriculture

  • Diversification of horticulture, livestock and fisheries 

  • Improvement of livestock feed and technologies

  • Breeding of catfish and genetic improvement of freshwater carps 

      Post-harvest and value Chain Technologies

  • Devise new products, technologies and procedure and develop strategies to meet international obligations 

  • Generate data and genetic information for intellectual Property Rights 

      Sustainable Resources Use and Environment Protection  

  • Develop and promote resource conservation technologies

  • Development of integrated plant nutrient management and IPM models for major cropping systems

  • Investigate fate of agro-chemicals in food chain and the environment

  • Develop high efficiency water management system





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